Here are the Doctor Fitness Diet Commandments for a strong lean you

1. Eat when hungry. There are 7 stages of hunger(story for another day), the idea is to eat before you are extremely hungry to avoid overindulgence
2. Eat slow, take the food with water. Pause when you feel full, don’t eat to clear the plate. Sometimes when one pauses before continuing you realize you are already full
3. Always have a healthy snack with you, this avoids one from going for whichever snack is available. If you will be away from home over lunch consider carrying a thought out meal with you instead of eating out
4. Portion control-Change the size of plate you use, psychologically a full plate looks full, regardless of plate size
5. Dejunk your house. You cannot eat what you don’t have. Clear the soft drinks, cookies, commercial juices, crisps etc
6. Remember the principles of a healthy plate. Half plate should be veges in variety, quarter carbs(ideally whole grain) and quarter protein.
7. Sugar is the 8th curse of the book of revelation. Avoid it in its simple forms like a plague, especially the High Fructose corn syrup
8. Do not go on a diet, results if any are always short lived. Aim at gradual lifestyle change in dietary habits
9. Beware of so called low fat or fat free drinks, the sugar in them is often shocking in quantity
10. There is a difference between loss of water weight and loss of fat. Don’t buy the detox lie

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