Am touching on a taboo topic here. I know many of you must be wondering what’s it with daktari today? Worry not, am not going to make you blush, but will keep the topic clean, brief and to the point. What’s fitness got to do with it anyway? Read on and you’ll understand.

To put things in perspective, Sex is at the core of humanity, is one of our biggest preoccupations, and frankly speaking, we are here as a result of the same, so it definitely is fundamental.

First things first, I am a firm believer of sex within marriage and hence not an affiliate with the popular ‘Team mafisi’, or other such clubs.



You probably are tired of your Doctor’s sickening insistence on you adopting a healthy lifestyle and cannot find the will within yourself to start.

The benefits we doctors talk about endlessly are: improved cardiovascular health, weight loss or control, delayed dementia, prevention of type 2 diabetes and some cancers, but there’s much, much more.

Here’s the motivation formula just for you. Did you know that exercise can boost your sexual performance? Yes, it can. Therefore, if health is not a good enough motivation, maybe pleasure might just suffice, this entails both sexercise (which I’ll opt not to describe) and exercise for enhanced sexual health.



Your desire for sex could take a dip for multiple reasons but exercise could eliminate the “I have a headache” excuse that tends to pop-up every time your partner makes sexual overtures. Don’t get me wrong, I am not proposing diet/exercise/sex as a stopgap measure for relationship troubles……. those must be sorted accordingly, otherwise trouble means no sex and no sex means trouble and you can see how the vicious cycle goes.

Exercise, promotes the release of certain brain chemicals(neurotransmitters) called endorphins which reduce the feelings of stress and pain, enhance a feeling of bliss and boost confidence.

Feelings of less stress, confidence, happiness and a generally good mood are an indomitable recipe for good tidings between the sheets

Sex per se, is also a potent trigger for endorphin release which consequently may encourage a healthy frequency.



Sexual performance is closely attached to a man’s ego and persistent failure in this intimate department can leave a man with a bruised sense of self-image

Erectile dysfunction is common. It can occur due to performance anxiety, psychogenic issues, or alcohol consumption, in the short-term. Furthermore, it is among the most dreaded and devastating long-term complications of diabetes, other risk factors being smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, all big brand names of drugs used to treat ED, play a key role, but they are not your only option, neither are they cheap, and like all other drugs, there’s always a potential side effect and contra-indications.

Penile erection is a very complex phenomenon involving multiple neurotransmitters, and requiring functioning penile (cavernous) nerves, arteries and veins. There are studies indicating that ED subsides with exercise. Exercise generally promotes ‘unclogging’ of the arteries hence increasing blood supply to the organs.

If you want to stand up (pun-intended) and be counted, you may consider quitting smoking, curbing alcohol intake, eating healthy, keeping obesity at bay, and incorporating frequent (at least alternate days) aerobic exercise into your routine.



A buried, concealed or hidden penis refers to a penile shaft literally hidden beneath the surface by overhanging skin, occurring as a congenital or acquired condition. Acquired buried penis is primarily due to overlaying fat (massive pot belly) in morbidly obese boys or adults, but can also be due to a complicated circumcision. Whatever the underlying cause, a buried penis is an impediment to normal sexual function.

If obesity is denying you necessary pleasures, it is no-brainer that a weight-loss program may facilitate the emergence of the penis from its hiding place.



Vaginal delivery is what most people refer to as normal, but that would almost imply that caesarean section delivery is abnormal!!! Any delivery of a term newborn (more than 37 weeks’ pregnancy), that leaves the mother and baby safe and healthy is normal.

Semantics aside, pregnancy per se and vaginal delivery can leave the deeper(pelvic) muscles down there so loose that it impairs sexual satisfaction. Kegel exercises strengthen these pelvic floor muscles and may alleviate mild forms of urinary incontinence.

Kegels are performed by tightening the pelvic floor muscles as if holding urine midstream, holding the contraction for 10 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds. And repeat 5-10 times in a row.


One of the key components of fitness is flexibility. The warming up and stretching routines in exercise help to improve flexibility, and this can be of great assistance in encouraging couples to explore various sex positions, some of which may require a bit of athletism. Sex can be enjoyed even if done predominantly in one position, but there is great pleasure and enjoyment in having the ability to be adventurous and try out a few ideas from ancient Indian texts!



You don’t have to be a certain size, or weigh a certain amount for you to look beautiful or attractive, but how you feel about yourself can determine how much confidence you exude clothed or otherwise.

Doing your best to attain a healthy weight, toning up your muscles by exercise, taking a stroll in the sun savoring the beauty of nature, enjoying the simplicity of life, and a hearty laughter might be all you need to get the groove on. Exercise helps you feel great about yourself, and that definitely results in greater enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

There it is ladies and gentlemen, all the motivation we need to get into a fit lifestyle, your partner might forever be grateful!

  1. mishy idewa says

    that was great doctor thank you, am really learning.once i get married i will enjoy that fruit? so apart from kegels what else helps to restore the vagina size after giving birth?

  2. Colleen says

    This article is comprehensive, simple and all inclusive…you’ve captured so many it.Thank you daktari….goodbye “headache” adventure here we come .
    It’s particularly exciting when you exercise with your partner 😉 is it true one should not stretch cold muscles? Ie don’t start a workout by stretching rather warm up first ? Trying to find an explanation for some after sex muscle aches…or its just being unfit ?

    1. Doctor Fitness Kenya says

      Thanks Colleen, various forms of exercise with your partner will be great not only for the body but for the relationship too?. (Warm up here occurs naturally as the blood vessels to the vital areas dilate during arousal, so no need to run around the house before bedtime!)

  3. Doctor Fitness Kenya says

    Hello Mishy, thanks for your compliment.
    Unfortunately besides kegels, there’s hardly much else you can do to tighten the birth canal. When not sure, you’d need to consult with a gynecologist.
    Worry not, you’ll only need to cross that bridge when you get there.

    1. Shiko says

      Hallo Doc? Please Elaborate Further About The Kegel Practice

  4. Benson Milimo says

    As a sex therapist, I highly agree with you

    1. Doctor Fitness Kenya says

      Thanks Benson, Continue with the good work

      1. Xexilia says

        Thanks for the ingtshi. It brings light into the dark!

      2. I did read it at lunch. Not everyone had the pleasure of having the dean of students asking them not to write anymore. I am lucky that way. I guess. I told the dean I would try to write like everyone else. This was my effort.

      3. What a pleasure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

      4. at Blogilates. She has the cutest personality and blog, and a great YouTube channel as well. Her Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge is NO JOKE!! Seriously….do it everyday for a week and try to tell me you don’t see a

      5. You must be looking in the wrong place for samples. Most authors I know have at least a chapter up on their website. Some would like to put up more but most publishing contracts stipulate that only one chapter can be used for promotion.

  5. carolyne nyandiri says

    this post was timely doc……i say

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