[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are millions of people worldwide who are either overweight or obese. In the United States one in every 2 people is either overweight or obese, and the statistics coming in from Kenya are worrying. This is a growing epidemic that affects both children and adults. A study  done a few years ago in Nairobi demonstrated that 26 percent of the school going children were overweight or obese. The health implications of this trend are very disturbing, given that obesity is a great risk factor for development of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension amongst many other lifestyle diseases. It’s estimated that in within the next decade, lifestyle diseases will become the major cause of mortality in this country.


With the above grim facts, one would then ask, what really can be done to help stem the obesity crisis? The answer to this is multifactorial, with important Public Health policies needed to address the issue at a National level. However, at a personal level, there are strategies that can be used to both manage and prevent excess body weight.


For people who are already overweight or obese, there are certain interventions that have been proven to work over time. However, there are many myths surrounding weight loss, and it is now time to bust them.

Myth 1. Detox is a proven way to deal with obesity

From a professional medical background, there is no such a thing as Detox. This is a popular trend that has no basis in medical science. You don’t need to “cleanse the body from toxins” using some drink or concoction. The body has its own mechanisms for doing that, and all one needs is to eat healthy and the body sorts itself out.


Myth 2.There are tablets that can make you lose weight in a few days

Numerous studies have shown that weight loss tablets have very minimal effect overall on weight loss, and they require that someone still does exercise and diet appropriately in combination.


Myth 3. Weight loss and Fat loss is the same thing

Some popular diets literally amount to starving the body, resulting in loss of muscle mass. The aim is should be to burn fat, not lose essential muscle mass


Myth 4. You only need 21 days to lose weight gained over many years

As human beings we love the easy way out, but there is no way that fat accumulated over many years can be lost in 21 days. It will take time, many months or even years. The important thing is to make progressive steps towards the goal. It is a marathon, not a short sprint.


Myth 5. All you need to get a flat tummy are lots of sit ups

There is nothing like spot reduction. For one to get a flat tummy, they must lose general body fat, by a combination of consistent cardio workouts and prudent nutrition.


The FACT is, there is no healthy shortcut to Fat loss, it requires discipline on the dining table and a focused workout program over a considerable period of time.

Anyone promising quick effortless results is nothing but a scammer preying on the ignorance of many who desperately desire to have that enviable flat belly.





  1. Irene mbugua says

    Thanks for this information. This detox thing has made many think its their Savior. Good job doc for giving facts…

  2. Melly says

    This is way more helpful than anyhting else I’ve looked at.

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